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Venture into the land of royalty and majesty, knights and castles, where iconic cities mix with quaint countryside, and all the land is steeped in famous folklore. Powerful oceans rush against cliffs, serene beaches grace the coastline, green hills roll along the horizon, and its beauty, like its history, is never far from reach.



Stonehenge and Bath

Built in three stages from approximately 3000BC Stonehenge is Europe’s most famous prehistoric monument. The alignment of the stone circle leaves little doubt that it is connected with the sun and passing seasons and that the constructors had a sophisticated understanding of arithmetic and astronomy. This unique attraction is now designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO although scholars still argue about how it was actually built.

Oxford and Blenheim Palace

Take a chauffeur-driven tour to visit some of the 30-plus university colleges in Oxford and bathe in their glory. Experience a morning of academic history and an afternoon of aristocratic splendour in total style.

Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is almost unreal in its beauty. Full of students, bicycles, boats and colleges, this ancient city continues to flourish.

Downton Abbey

Our Highclere Castle/Downton Abbey tour can be taken on any day that Highclere Castle is open to the public. The Spring 2017 opening dates are 7th to 23rd April inclusive, with the exception of Friday 14th April which is Good Friday when it will be closed. The castle is then open to the public on 30th April, 1st, 2nd, 28th, 29th and 30th  May. The Summer opening dates are Sunday 9th July to Wednesday 6th September, closed every Friday and Saturday.  Spend either a morning or an afternoon at this truly unique English estate that has achieved global popularity as the film location of Downton Abbey. Highclere Castle is also included in our London/Cotswolds tour.

Cotswolds and Stratford

Our one day tour from London to The Cotswolds will take you to the most picturesque, undiscovered places imaginable. Burford, Bourton-on-the-Water, referred to as The Venice of the Cotswolds and Stow on the Wold are some of the names that conjure up rural England at its very best. Let us show you even more.

Castles in Kent

There is so much history to discover in Kent, England’s oldest county, such as Henry Vlll’s legacies, Canterbury Cathedral, Leeds Castle and Hever Castle as well as many more historic castles and houses.

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